The webinar is here! Mark off your calendars on October 23 from 1:00-2:00pm CDT and attend a free webinar hosted by Ben Moorsom, CEO and Founder of Neuroscaping Design Inc.

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The Details:

How can the latest research in neuroscience, psychology and data sciences be used to improve engagement, connection and outcomes in event and experience design?

This webinar will explore how Neuroscaping applies these scientific disciplines to optimize events, learning, and human interactions. Uncover why it is critical to approach events & communications with greater insight into the human mind.

We will explore:

– How we can reimagine live experiences with science

– The cognitive barriers that lead to mind wandering, distraction and lowered retention impacting your events ROI

– And future technology we can use to measure audience emotional responses and adapt events in real-time to improve results

This webinar will help you harness the untapped human potential in your audiences and uncover missed opportunities to connect.


Learning Objectives:

– Gain an understanding of the research and science behind event engagement

– Learn what Neuroscaping is and how it can be leveraged to take any live event to new levels with simple tactics

– Explore how engaging all the senses through experiential sound, visual and olfactory scent design can evoke unprecedented engagement

– Discover cognitive processes such as storytelling and savoring and why they are essential to moving hearts and minds