When we conduct an experience audit or perform event or communications consulting, the scientific research and observations we analyze fall under seven key principles. We call these the “7 Principles of Neuroscaping”.

The 7 Principles of Neuroscaping are based on the underlying fields of scientific research that impact our daily lives, both personally and in business. We draw from fields as diverse as neuroscience, social psychology, cognitive science, marketing, organizational behavior, biomedical sciences, and more. 

Defining Engagement: Why We Created The Seven Principles of Neuroscaping

The word “engagement” is incredibly popular as a term that simply defines the audience experience. But engagement is more than just stimulating cheers or jeers from a crowd. It’s a measure of retention and attention, and using multiple variables, it determines message sustainability. The reality is that the audience experience is much more refined than the word “engagement” lets on. 

Thats why we broke down engagement into seven key areas – so that we could start helping others get down to the facts.

By organizing findings into key areas that affect our experiences, events and communications, we break down cryptic research into insights that are business-ready. 

7 principles of Neuroscaping Explained what are the

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