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SNSES is the industry’s first group dynamic engagement wearable that utilizes machine learning to monitor an audience and their reaction to a live experience. By connecting the participant to the experience in real-time, SNSES gives organizers the power to monitor and influence feedback indicative of engagement (energy, mood, emotion) during an experience. 



Ai Machine Learning

A.I & Machine Learning

Gain a deeper understanding of the cognitive state of your audience in order to better optimize experience design.   We enlist proprietary A.I. based surveys to uncover a better understanding of the current mind-state of your audience.

Looking to predict or test the emotional-behavioral impact of video content? We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to process and analyze responses to advertising, motion graphic content, and even recordings of keynotes, workshops or other experiences. Simply work with us to define your target audience and we will gather emotional/behavioral data on your content from a representative sample.

Looking for a deeper analysis of data? We push data through our machine learning platform to find new relationships and insights that are often overlooked. This kind of analysis works best with a large dataset, such as live location data from hundreds of attendees from passive/active RFID or GPS. 


Engagement Research Database

Neuroscaping Design Inc. manages the largest engagement-focused research database in the industry. We leverage this intelligence throughout the experience design and optimization process. It enables our team and clients to make more informed design decisions and create better experiences, events and communications.



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