The Journey Of A Message

Neuroscaping is about the journey of a message. An email. A live keynote. A networking lunch. No matter the context we can use research to find better ways to get a message from one place to another. We must understand: - The Audience - The Environment - The Content...

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The Seven Principles Of Neuroscaping

When we conduct an experience audit or perform event or communications consulting, the scientific research and observations we analyze fall under seven key principles. We call these the "7 Principles of Neuroscaping". The 7 Principles of Neuroscaping are...

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4 Ways To Start Winning The Fight For Audience Attention

RULE #1: Make it Personal — If an event is going to be engaging its content must be personally relevant to the people in attendance. Studies have shown that we are better able to remember information when it is presented in a personally meaningful way...

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The Attraction Of Distraction

If you’re able to sit down and read this article end-to-end without stopping to check your email or respond to a text, then you’re in the minority. So, if it’s nearly impossible to hold someone’s attention for 900 words, how are we expected to engage them...

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