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about neuroscaping

If we could accurately measure audience engagement levels during an event, we would likely see that we would be connecting with the audience only 25 – 32% at any given time. So, companies are potentially losing up to 3/4’s of their event investment.

Neuroscaping Design Inc. exists to turn the table on the cognitive challenges that impede retention and engagement to effectively improve the outcome of live experiences and events. It works to optimize experience design by targeting common challenges such as attention deficit, focus limitations, cognitive fatigue levels, effective transfer and understanding of information. To name a few.

Our team of experienced Neuroscaping Researchers, Strategists, and Event Design Consultants work together to assess, identify, design, coach and measure engagement at your business events.

Neuroscaping® integrates multiple scientific disciplines (neuroscience & psychology) to impact events and human interactions. Through Neuroscaping, the engagement of participants is tangibly elevated, improving organizational performance and ROI.

We believe that we can help improve our clients’ events by enhancing their attendees’ experiences.


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