Neuroscaping® integrates multiple scientific disciplines, such as neuroscience, psychology and data sciences, to optimize events, learning, and human interactions.


Through Neuroscaping®, cognitive barriers are minimized and the engagement of participants is tangibly elevated. Improving user experience, outcomes and ROI.


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Engagement 101: User + Environment + Content

Engagement 101: Setting the SceneWhat defines meaningful engagement? It depends heavily on the type of event or experience we are looking at. And it’s not just about the type of event. The best way to get quality engagement depends on “who” the audience...

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What Science Says About Our Sense Of Smell

 Sweetening the Deal with ScentsEssential oils are on trend today and many people use them in homes to get in the right mindset or mood. For example, some people say that lavender is supposed to calm a busy mind at bedtime; citrus (orange or grapefruit) is...

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